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All products from SPK Technology are CE approved.
"CE" is a kind of symbol for security and is regarded as a passport that manufactures can open and enter the European market. The products marked with "CE" can be sold in Europe and need not to suit the request of every country in Europe. In the country of Europe, the products can circulate freely.
Since 2005, all products from SPK Technology have met the standard of 2002/95/EC and 2005/618/EC. The SPK Team pays special attention to ROHS standards and provides green products to the markets worldwide. In 2006 SPK bought an UX-300 ROHS Inspection Machine which ensures all the raw materials we use for our products are ROHS compliant.
RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) is a new certification put forward by CQC to help enterprises comply with the "Instruction of Prohibiting the Application of Poisonous and Harmful Substances" that issued by EU.
All products from SPK Technology are designed and produced according to the standards of UL. SPK obtained UL approval in 2006.
UL is shortened from Underwriter Laboratories Inc. UL Laboratory is the most authoritative institution in the world, and also a very biggish non-governmental organization in the field of security test and appraisal. It is independent, non-profit and professional institution that performs the test for the public security. UL is mainly concerned with production attestation and business security certification. The purpose of UL is to ensure products are safe for public use.
JM Electronics Co., Ltd, the parent company of SPK Technology, gains the ISO 9001:2000 authentication on 2003 and continues to adhere to the international organizational standards strictly.
ISO9001 series criterion is Quality Management and Quality Assurance committee (TC176) issued in 1987. ISO9001 quality system is a kind of quality assurance system, including design, research, production, installation and service.
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